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Tudful Dog Academy

Tudful Dog Academy provides a variety of bespoke dog training classes and individual dog behavioural services in Merthyr Tydfil and the surrounding Valleys.

Our unique group classes allow both dogs and owners to enjoy the interaction. Classes last longer than others as we build in time to have a refreshment break and discuss training issues. Class members always say that it's the best cuppa of the week. Outdoor classes help to prepare your dog for real life distractions and to give them the opportunity for off lead work. 


Tudful Dog Academy is a new venture that I embarked upon when my own relationship with my dog wasn't going where I wanted it to. I wanted to enjoy him, have fun and for him to be a great family pet.

So thats what I'm here for - to help you achieve the results with your dogs in a force free manner. I am an accredited dog trainer with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) and have the skillset to help you achieve the behaviours that you want from your dog. I will never do anything with your dog that I wouldn't do with my own. I will consider your dog to be as much a vital part of your family as my dogs are mine.

I will abide by the IMDT code of ethics at all times.

No dog will ever be just a dog to me


Tudful Dog Academy IMDT
ICAN Tudful Dog Academy

Dog Training is.......

knowing what you want